Welcome. 2021. Please be Nice.

After a year that we all want to leave behind, 2021 brings new opportunities for the team at BHSS, and with restrictions easing from today, we're excited for more gigs and major tours! Bring on the live music!!! Although it hasn't been the summer we're all accustomed to, there have been a bunch of highlights over the break that BHSS was a part of. These include a dream job for all of the crew with BHSS having a behind-the-scenes role in the new AC/DC video clip 'Realize', the gala re-opening of the Enmore Theatre, Ocean Alley's East Coast tour, the Sunset Piazza concert series, and the re-introduction of Sunday Setlists at the Factory Theatre. Let's not forget that Abbey Road Institute Sydney host their first Open Day of 2021 for the first time in 2021, the Abbey Road Institute Sydney located at the famed Studios 301 opened its doors to potential students and upcoming producers. CEO Ron Haryanto addressed the prospective students with an overview of the course and gave a tour of the multi-million dollar facilities.⁠⠀

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