Orange Endorses Crowbar Sydney

Crowbar now Promoting ⚡ Orange Amps Backline Promoting Live Music's Comeback!

Since 1968 Orange has blown the world away with their sonic power. Creating an undoubtedly recognisable British tone, while still harnessing every genre from rock, metal, doom, jazz, indie and fuzz. Immediately capturing your attention visually and aurally, you simply cannot miss an Orange amplifier. The tone, sound and expertise of Orange has supported artists across the decades like Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, High On Fire, Boris, Slipknot, ZZ Top, Oasis and many more.  

 "It’s about how the sound is perceived – something that I have always thought of as ‘the sound of the sound‘… it’s about the physical pleasure that the sound of an amp gives a guitarist as they play. That is what really matters. The ‘Orange Sound‘ didn’t just happen, it has taken many years to perfect and fine tune." - Cliff Cooper Founder, CEO of Orange Amps.

Legends of sound, light and music instruments Australis Music Group and Australia’s biggest backline company BHSS have helped put together an unbelievable backline thanks to Orange Amps, so that Crowbar can continue to provide quality equipment to further support local and touring artists. Crowbar’s Orange backline will be available for upcoming shows as the venue reopens after lockdown.


“With almost 50 years of distribution experience Australis Music are the proud Australian distributors of Orange Amps - and couldn’t think of a better fit than working in conjunction with BHSS and Crowbar to really showcase the sound that is synonymous with Orange. Backing up this incredible array of amplification with any other backline needs – BHSS brings a phenomenal array of instruments and gear to make sure every player is kitted out to produce the sound they are looking for.” Helen Marx, Australis Music Group.

The Backline package includes:

Orange Rockerverb 100h MKIII Head x 2
Orange AD200B Bass Head x 1
Orange 8x10 Bass Cab x 1
Orange 4x12 Straight Cab x 2
Orange AD 4x12 Angled Cab x 2

Special thanks to FANGZ for participating in the shoot and Yeahrad for capturing photos and videos!

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